A Few Steps To Change To Healthy Lifestyle

We generally tend to associate few habits forming practices like smoking or drinking on frequent basis as ‘Unhealthy Lifestyle’ practices but looking at the broader perspective the periphery of unhealthy habits is much wider.

It traverses such areas of our life which we generally take for granted and never take into account the negative impact it has on our lives. And this has increased in the ongoing pandemic situation on account of several factors.

Changing work regimes in this ongoing pandemic situation has brought about a huge change in our lifestyle. Work from home system has led to a large number of changes that has changed our lifestyle towards what is generally known as unhealthy.

  • less of physical movements
  • increased screen time
  • lack of sociability

Healthy Lifestyle

These are some of the major reasons that have contributed to unhealthy lifestyle. Keeping these in mind, if we now look at the often ignored daily activities of ours that can be changed minutely to change our Unhealthy Lifestyle.

  • Firstly, screen time is indispensable in the present work regime, but attention can be paid to taking breaks in between. If just five minutes of breaks are taken to adjust the eye with something other than the computer screen every half an hour then a lot of stress on the eye and body can be eased.
  • Secondly, it has been turned into a habit of directly joining meetings and conferences straight from the bed. Here if a few minutes are spared to detach the mind from the entire work schedule and concentrate on some hobbies every day then the break that travelling to the workplace used to offer can be relived.
  • Thirdly, Work from home regimes should not be allowed to infringe on personal time and the entire day at home should not be work time. Compartmentalizing activities will leave a lot of time to rejuvenate the mind and body.
  • Fourthly, simple changes like sitting upright while working on the laptop, light exercise, spending a few minutes in the sun every day, letting some sunlight into the room, all these are small steps that can be taken to avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

In the modern age in our fast paced lives and growing pollution it becomes impossible to avoid unhealthy habits which have inherently become part and parcel of our lives. For example you cannot avoid fast foods or vegetables with pesticides entirely. But taking small steps to change simple habits will go a long way in improving Unhealthy lifestyle.