Crime and Punishment – Must-See Crime Movies Streaming on ahaOTT

Crime and Punishment – Must-See Crime Movies Streaming on ahaOTT

aha OTT, famous for its great Telugu crime thriller movies, now has exciting crime films too. They have a mix of suspenseful thrillers and profound stories that will keep you hooked. Whether you like intense suspense or stories that make you think, aha’s crime movies have something you’ll enjoy.

  1. Oka Chinna Viramam

The movie features Sanjay Verma and Punarnavi Bhupalam in the lead roles, directed by Sundeep Cheguri. Sundeep Cheguri also serves as the producer. Bharath Manchiraju is the music director, and Rohith Batchu is the cinematographer. Ashwath Shivkumar is the editor.

In the film, Sanjay Varma plays Deepak, who along with his wife Syam, runs a business at a milk booth. Their business struggles financially, and they receive an unusual offer from an outsider. Despite Syam’s reservations, money-minded Deepak agrees to the deal. The film explores the consequences of this decision and whether Deepak can persuade his wife to change her mind about the offer.

  1. CSI Sanatan

In this film, the cast includes Aadi Sai Kumar, Misha Narang, Nandini Rai, Tarak Ponnappa, Vasanthi, Sanjay Reddy, Madhusudhan Rao, Ali Reza, Khayyum, Siva Karthik, Vikas, Ravi Prakash, and Bhupal Raju. The director is Sivashankar Dev, and Ajay Srinivas is the producer. Aneesh Solomon is the music director, Ganganmoni Shekar is the cinematographer, and Amar Reddy is the editor.

The story revolves around Vikram Chakravarthi, the CEO of VC Finance Company. He lends money to middle-class individuals without charging interest, rapidly amassing wealth. One night, he is murdered in his office after a party. The police enlist Sanatan, a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) expert, to unravel the mystery of his death.

Did Sanatan crack the case? What challenges did he encounter during the investigation? How are Sudheeksha and Minister Rajavarshan connected to this case? Who is the perpetrator? One must watch the movie on the aha app to discover the answers.

  1. Driver Jamuna

In the movie “Driver Jamuna,” directed by P Kinslin and produced by SP Chowthari, starring Aishwarya Rajesh, Aadukalam Naren, and others, the story revolves around Jamuna, a cab driver who cares for her paralyzed mother.

One day, a group of criminals targeting a former minister encounter car trouble and book a taxi driven by Jamuna. As events unfold, Jamuna discovers the true intentions of her passengers, who are being pursued by the police. Watch the full movie to find out what happens next and whether Jamuna takes action against them.

  1. Addateegala

“Addateegala” is a thriller directed by Rama Raju, featuring Arjun Kalyan and Vasanthi Krishnan. It was produced by Sri Srunkhala Devi Productions and premiered in India on June 9, 2023. You can watch this film on the aha app.

The story follows Abhi and Satya, a young couple going to a remote forest. They become the target of unknown individuals who track their movements. As they go deeper into the woods, strange and violent incidents occur, raising suspicions about their pursuers’ intentions. Abhi and Satya must defend themselves against this threat, leading to a suspenseful exploration of the mystery behind their attackers.

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These Telugu crime thriller movies from aha highlight various stories and captivating storytelling in the crime genre. Each film offers a distinct outlook on crime, sometimes mixing it with drama or romance for an exciting watch. Whether you prefer suspense or a heartfelt story with crime elements, aha’s crime movie collection caters to every taste.